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Manurewa Acupuncture and Physiotherapy

Chinese medicine practice

We chat with Jimmy from Manurewa Acupuncture and Physiotherapy.

A practice in operation for over 30 years, the team of therapists will look after you and put you back on your feet in no time!

ACC approved.




Manurewa Acupuncture and Physiotherapy
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Manurewa Acupuncture and Physiotherapy

Hi Jimmy, please introduce yourself and the business! 

Hi I'm Jimmy, this is a family business and we have four therapists here, specialising in Acupuncture and Physiotherapy. My father brought this business which he worked in for fifteen years but the practice has been now going for over thirty years! It was originally located on Station road but Dad relocated to our current address on Great South Rd, because the previous place was too small. It’s perfect now!

My brother Joey joined back in 2005 and I joined in 2011. Both my Aunty and Dad also continue to practise in the business. We also have our lovely receptionist, Patricia. 

What treatments or injuries do you help with and are you ACC accredited?

Yes we are ACC accredited. We treat sports injuries, internal conditions such as infertility, insomnia, headache. My brother Joey practises physiotherapy, while I do acupuncture and cupping.


We also focus on mental wellbeing. Body, Mind and Spirit. We run classes on a Wednesday evening and we’re able to create a really harmonious atmosphere where we all can share. It’s not just physical health but mental health as well.

So for those who don’t know, what is acupuncture?

What acupuncture does, is it stimulates your body to heal by releasing natural chemicals inside your body to the areas being treated. It relaxes muscles and improves circulation. We also do cupping, which removed toxins in the body.


What are some of the key values your live by in order to be successful at your business?

Dad’s always taught us to look after our patients and they become your friends just like they’re apart of our family. We put our heart and soul into helping our patients recover, that's very important. We haver great relationships with our patients.


Please describe the community and some of what’s on offer in Manurewa!

The community is great, the loveliest people here in Manurewa. Our patients come in with a big smile, everyone’s very very friendly. 


We’ve got everything here, amazing restaurants, we’re really good friends with our electronics guy upstairs, Sam. We’ve got a great supermarket, we do all our grocery shopping here.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

In Chinese medicine we believe in addressing the root cause of your problems, not just masking them. So we diagnose our patients and get to understand the root cause. 


Contact Manurewa Acupuncture and Physiotherapy


Manurewa Acupuncture and Physiotherapy

3/166 Great South Road


09 268 7768 or 021 181 5450

Open hours: 

Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm

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