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MA Auto

MA Auto - your local vehicle mechanics.

We took some time to sit with Rohit of MA Auto and hear a little about his journey in Manurewa, and his local business. It’s fair to say that, with over 20 years experience working on vehicles in New Zealand, MA Auto is a first choice when looking for quality automotive service and repairs.

MA Auto
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My Story

Hi Rohit, please introduce yourself and your business!


Well my name is Rohit, I am the owner of MA Auto, next door to the KFC. I took over the business over 6 years ago. We specialize in both European and Japanese Vehicles. We mainly service cars with New Tires, Warrant of Fitness, and also do Minor Electrical work. “We have a good name here”.



Have you always had a passion for cars?


I have a lot of passion for cars.


I love my old cars, I don’t really like new cars. In fact, I have a collection of classic cars, including Morris Minors, various Datsuns, a Nissan Fairlady, and a Land Cruiser. 



Tell me a bit about your journey and involvement in Manurewa?


In 2003, I emigrated from Fiji to New Zealand and studied automotive. While completing my studies, I worked locally as an AA mechanic for 13 years. which gave me a lot of experience and skills. I do all my shopping locally, like getting my groceries at the New World. 


I briefly moved back to Fiji to marry my girlfriend before returning to New Zealand where I resided in Takanini. I now have a young family, and twin girls! 


Is Manurewa a great place to do business?


Manurewa is a good place to do business, with good people, it’s just a bit up and down now due to this covid pandemic.



Manurewa is blessed with a mix of cultures and native languages. How do you facilitate servicing all customers? 


We have a few staff here who understand several languages. For example Falaniko can speak in Samoan If the customer doesn’t speak English too well, and Gagan understands and speaks Hindi and Punjabi. I understand most Indian dialects.



What attributes are required to be a great mechanic and business owner?


Knowledge, skills, and customer service is very important. You have to understand your customer first. Especially when a customer walks in, and you’re trying to understand what is wrong.



What tips do you have for a customer that thinks they know the problem with the vehicle, but you know they don’t know... What would you say!?


Just today I had a customer come in with a BMW.  They said, “I failed the WOF at a certified BMW workshop because of lights not working on the doors and things, but it’s not really a warrant issue! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the vehicle. I need you to sort out the sensors!” I asked, “How do you know it’s the sensors that are the problem?” “Oh, I looked it up on the YouTube..”  ☺


It turned out to be a warning light, which was something more serious. And yes, that does affect a warrant of fitness! However, my job is to understand the customer and what they are trying to say.



Do you have any advice for high school students or those wanting to learn the automotive trade?


The automotive industry will always be here, so it makes a good trade. A number of young people these days don’t really like hard work. But if a student walked in and said I want to learn about cars, I would be happy to teach them and share my knowledge. My door is always open here.

Contact MA Auto 


4 Weymouth Road, Manurewa

09 268 9786

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