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Lotto shop

Southmall Lotto store

Meet CM and his wife June. They

 own and operate our local Lotto store, right here in Southmall Manurewa.

We dive into what makes their business successful, get to know a bit more about their family, and why they chose to live and work in Manurewa.



Lotto store, Southmall
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Southmall Lotto shop

CM, tell us about you and your business!


I’m CM Yung and this is my beautiful wife June Yung. We were born in Malaysia and raised 5 children here in New Zealand.

We began the Lotto shop in Southmall about 20 years ago.


Our lotto store has had some luck. 18 time first division wins here. Most of them are regular customers and local too. 

What’s the biggest win you’ve had?


1 million is the biggest first division win here in Southmall. Total wins are about $20 million over the time we’ve run our lotto store.



Why did you immigrate from Malaysia to New Zealand?


For better living, a better climate, and brighter future for the family.


They studied at Hill Park primary, high schools, - Alfriston College and Manurewa High. All of my children graduated and went to University. The schools here are very good.

What career paths did you children decide to take?


They are all grown up and now have successful careers. One lives in Christchurch, another in Wellington and the other three are in Auckland. Two still live with us.


One child has a degree in art and works at the airport, another an accountant. The other three, one is a university graduate in science. Another an air hostess and the last child has a doctors degree. I am very happy for all my children :)



CM, I hear you love you photography!? Where are these pictures taken!?

That’s true, I have a passion for photography, it’s my hobby. All the photos in my living room are taken about 35 years ago and are from East and West Malaysia. From Sarawak and the Malaysian Jungle. The children here have not much food and no education. But now the government looks after them and they are much more healthy.


Why choose to live and work in Manurewa?


Manurewa, well my brother lives here. I have friends here, it’s a nice area. The weather is always nice. 


We like the botanical gardens, we have good high schools with gyms, like Manurewa High. Family lives local, so it’s good. For June and me, we have a nice club here for seniors, I’m a senior now! (Laughter ….) My wife is happy here too.



What does it take to be successful in business? 


Treat customers well and they come back. Everyone here is so friendly, they’re just like a friend now. Lotto New Zealand have been good to us. They come here often and see how they can help. They take great care of us. 



Has the township changed much over the time you’ve been in Southmall?

Heaps of big shops here earlier on, then Manukau city opened up, shops are a little less now, but it’s still good. 


The management is good now, before they were based in Christchurch, they were not local and wasn’t doing any good. The mall now, is much safer, looks better, Neil and his team have done well.

Contact Southmall Lotto shop

Southmall Shopping Centre

187 Great South road, Manurewa

09 266 4037

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